If the number of addresses specified and number for delivery don't match (email delivery)

There are a few possible causes if the number of addresses specified is different from the number for delivery.


Possible causes

Unusable addresses are included

  1. Contacts with blank Email1 field
    • If you're sending to a list: Open the list you created and check for any contacts with a blank Email1 field.
    • If you're using a tag to send: Search and download the list using the tag name as the condition, and and check for any contacts with a blank Email1 field. See here for how to search contacts by tag name.
  2. Contacts set as private or with private fields
    • If the contact's owner isn't the user doing the mailing, there may be a difference in the number of viewable contacts.
  3. The domain of the email address of the sender (contact owner) isn't the registered domain when doing one-to-one mails.
  4. You're trying to send a one-to-one mail to a contact owned by an inactive user
    • Email cannot be sent to inactive users.


Filtered addresses are included

  1. There are recipients on the unsubscribed or blocked lists.
  2. Recipients included are in the undeliverable list
    • If the delivery status is "Unknown user", "Unknown host", "Rejected", or “Unidentified error", it will be automatically added to the filter admin's undeliverable list and excluded from recipients the next time.
  3.  There are duplicate emails.
  4. Multiple contacts of the same person are included
    • Those other than the latest contact will be excluded.
  5. Contains contacts owned by users who haven't started using the system or are inactive.


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