Editing cards during digitization

Whilst the cards are in the process of being digitized, users can view the scanned cards and edit certain details of the cards.


Things to note

  • Before digitization is complete, the data displayed is read by OCR (optical character reader) and is subject to change.
  • Scanned cards which do not appear under Awaiting Digitization Are likely to be Unreadable Cards. Learn more on how to view unreadable list.
  • Following actions can be taken whilst digitization is in process.
    1. View card images
    2. Add/edit notes
    3. Enter/edit date received and importance
    4. Visibility settings; shared or private
    5. Add/delete tags
    6. Setting reminders
    7. Reports: Register an attendee
    8. Register in Opportunities
    9. Click on the email address and use "Send Email".
      (See here for more)
    10. Click on the email address and use "Copy Email”.
    11. Specify as a bulk email recipient
      (See here for more on bulk email.)
  • Only contact owners and users with permissions to update all data can do 2–4.


Steps to take

1. Click on Digitizing then select a card which is Awaiting Digitization.


2. Click Edit.


3. User can add and edit card data. Click onSave.



  • Cards not shown under Awaiting Digitization may be treated as Unreadable Cards.


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