Sansan initial settings

After setting up the Sansan Scanner (the Scanner and the Tablet PC), please follow the procedure below to do the initial settings for using Sansan.


1. Add user accounts.

For how to do these settings, see here.

When you apply to use Sansan, an account information email will be sent to your system administrator. Please register other users on the date you start using the service.  If you set the start of usage date to that day, account emails will be sent to the users.


2 Scan existing business cards.

For how to do these settings, see here.

Have the people who will use Sansan scan in the past cards they have collected up until now.


3. Make your plans for using tags, Reports, and Opportunity Masters.

Please do these settings from the PC as necessary.
* Depending on the plan you use and your settings, you may not be able to use some of the functions described.

For planning tags, see here.

For planning Reports, see here.

For planning Opportunity Masters, see here.

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