Personnel change and contact information change news based on profile information in Eight

You can easily update your profile information by entering your own current business card into Eight, Sansan's personal business card and contact management app.

Sansan automatically syncronizes with information entered into Eight, and provides news on changes in personnel and contact information.  



The department and title change news that will be sent out is information coming from all people using Eight, regardless of their titles.

Sansan already had a function for distributing personnel change news based on information provided by Nikkei Telecom and Diamond, Inc, however, this information centered on executives. With Eight, as the people using it for business card management range from executives to those on the ground, a larger range of personnel change information can now be delivered to those using Sansan.


How the news is sent out

A portion of the profile information made by the Eight users themselves will be retrieved, and this will be sent to Sansan users as personnel change and contract information change news. Only some information on the Eight profile of that user will be sent out; other information will not be sent out as news.



Information to be used

The following information is retrieved from the Eight profile.

Item Usage
Name This will be used to select what business card this news should be attached to
Company name
Department These will be used as the personnel information. When one of these or both of these are different than what is on the business card, it will be sent out as news

URL for the Eight profile page

When you update this news, this information will save over current information on the Details about this person page of the business card.
URL for Facebook profile page

When you update this news, this information will save over current information on the Details about this person page of the business card.


This is used to select the business cards that you will receive News about.
If the name and company name on a business card is the same as one in a career, it will be selected as one you will receive news about.



Q. What is conditions for informing about News?
A. For more information about conditions for informing, please see here.


Q. If the business card I have of this person is old, will past news also be delivered?
A. Unfortunately past news cannot be sent.


Q. I am receiving news about the same person many times. Why is this?
A. It is possible that this person using Eight has updated their Eight profile multiple times. When an Eight profile is updated and the information on it is different than what is on the business card data, Sansan news will be sent.


Q. I received information about a different person. Why is this?
A. It may be that this is a different person with same name and company name. If it was news about a different person, you can have the news stop being displayed by doing the setting in the following place.


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