About Activity History

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Activity History shows a company's contact activity to date.
*Note that this feature may not be available to you depending your contract.


Types of activity

Business card exchange

  • Cards entered into Sansan
    *Only cards with an exchange date set.







  • Report meeting, visit made, visit received, online meeting


How to use it



1. Refining results
The gray area at the top lets you filter by person or user outside the company, activity date, and type.


2. Group emails by thread
When checked, emails in the same thread will be grouped together.


3."i" mark
Mouseover to show the source.


Report: The report details screen will show.

Email integration: You can go to the email screen only for emails received by the user.

*If you're viewing threads, you'll be redirected to the email thread details.


5.Email address, signature
If no contact was created when the email was received, the email address will be shown.
If the system can extract the signature from the email, the signature information will also be shown.


From the organization tree

From the activity number in the organization tree, click to see more details and go to the Activity History.
Here, you'll see a refined view of the activities of the person and user selected in the organization tree.

You can also click to reselect a person outside the company or to remove the filtering.



If under details, it says that an email was delete or there was an unknown error, here are some possible causes.

The email was deleted.


1: The email was deleted.
→ Check to see if the email was actually deleted.
2: Temporary error
→ Wait a few minutes and try again.
3: Microsoft 365 integration was temporarily deactivated
*Even if you try to reactivate this, you will not be able to check the details.

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