Setting up and editing own cards

Own cards are set up automatically.
Users can also set them up and edit them manually.




Automatic setting

Own cards are automatically set up in the following situations.

  • A card that matches a user's email address is imported and digitization is completed
  • A card is supplied via Meishi Maker
      *See here for details.
  • A Virtual Card is registered
      *See details on using Virtual Cards for Web App here or Mobile App here.


Manual setting

  1. Import a card.
  2. After digitization is complete, click on the card image on the Contacts page.

  3. Click the card information button.

  4. From the upper right, Edit Others Set this card as my own, and click to save.




  1. Click on the card image on the Contacts page or the user in the upper right, then Settings > User Profile.
  2. Click the card information button.

  3. Choose "Edit" in the upper right to edit, and then save.


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