Identify Incoming Call IDs

This function enables Sansan to identify incoming calls to your phone, even if they are not in your phone's contact list.
It identifies your own contacts as well as recently viewed colleague's contacts.

* 1 If the incoming phone number is associated with more than one contact, only the company name will be displayed.
* 2 Cannot be used with cacheless mode.




  1. Find 'Phone' in your settings.
  2. Tap 'Call Blocking & Identification'
  3. Enable Sansan



  1. Find 'Identify incoming calls' in your settings menu in Sansan
  2. Enable the setting, and allow Sansan to display over other apps.


Conditions for showing contact information on incoming calls

The conditions are as follows. If the information is not showing, please be sure the conditions are met.

  • Must be logged in to the Sansan Mobile App
  • Incoming phone number must be registered in a contact in My Data
  • Incoming phone number and phone number on the contact must match exactly (any differences, such as in prefixes, will cause the number to not be shown)
  • The phone number must not be in the device’s phonebook (the device’s phonebook has priority)
  • The phone number is not on another contact in My Data (if there is more than one, only the company name will be shown)
  • Call must be from within Japan
  • Sansan Mobile App is the recommended environment
  • Sansan cacheless mode is not enabled
  • For those using the colleague collaboration function, the same number must not be set for a colleague (colleague has priority)


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