Sansan Meishi Maker FAQ



 Q. Is there a maximum number of templates I can register?

 Q. Can I change a template's layout or items?

 Q. Is there a character limit on certain items?

 Q. Is it okay if I submit an anonymous employee list?

 Q. Can I create a card for multiple roles?


Making Cards, Allocation

 Q. Do I need to place an order when making a card?

 Q. What does "Allocate" mean in this case?

 Q. Can a user make a new card without the admin's permission?

 Q. Can variant characters be displayed on the card created with Meishi Maker?

 Q. What should I do if in “User card info", the “Create/edit in bulk" button is grayed out and can't be clicked.



 Q. What is the color mode for cards?

 Q. What is the resolution for cards?

 Q. Does printing always have to be done through a printing company? For example, can I print them on my own device?

 Q. Can I return the cards if there's a problem with them?



 Q. Do I need a Sansan user ID to use Meishi Maker?

 Q. How do I increase the number of Meishi Maker users?


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