Following Companies

Following a company lets you receive the following notifications:

  • Company news
    * Details here
  • Analysis report updates
  • Reports containing internal attendees of applicable companies
    * Mobile App notifications only


How to follow a company

  1. Search for the company you want to follow, and go to their company profile.
  2. Click the "Follow" button in the top right.


How to check which companies you're following

  1. At the top right, click on your user name and then "Settings".

  2. Click "Follow Companies" on the left.



Q:What do I do if the message "This is a company you have not contacted yet." appears?

A :This means no one within your company has a contact at the target company. In this case, you cannot follow it.


Q:What do I do if the Follow button is grayed out and can't be clicked?

A :This means there's insufficient information to confirm this company and it currently cannot be followed.


Q:Can I check who else is following which companies?

A:Sorry, that function is not available.


Q:Can my Sansan administrator follow a company on my behalf?

A:Unfortunately, this is not possible.


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