How to set up your Virtual Card (Web App)

1. Access Virtual Card page

You can access the page from either of the following.


2. Select Card

To set your Virtual Card, you need to have your card in Sansan.


If you haven't scanned your own card

1. Scan the QR code with your mobile and follow the onscreen instructions to scan your card via the mobile app. If you don't have the mobile app or aren't logged in, the code will take you to a scanning page in your browser.
Bear in mind you will have to wait for your card to be digitized before you can set it as your Virtual Card.


2. We'll notify you when digitization is complete.


3. Confirm your card details and you're done.


If your card is in Sansan

Cards matching your user name or login email will be displayed.
Check the card info and set it as your Virtual Card.


3. Setting up your Virtual Card

Confirm that the details are correct, and set up your URL.
We also recommend setting a profile picture so that your card looks more professional to recipients.


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