Virtual Cards FAQ


Sending and receiving Virtual Cards

 Q. How do I set up my personal Virtual Card?

 Q. How do I send and receive Virtual Cards?

 Q. Can non-users of Sansan exchange Virtual Cards?

 Q. What image file formats can non-users of Sansan receive?

 Q. Can I receive someone's Virtual Card if I haven't set up my own?

 Q. If the recipient Sansan user doesn't have the Virtual Cards function turned on, can we still exchange Virtual Cards?

 Q. How do I know if the other person has received my card using the URL I sent them?

 Q. When a Virtual Card is sent back to me (after I have sent mine), can I choose whether or not to receive it?

 Q. How are my received Virtual Cards counted?

 Q. When I receive a Virtual Card, does this count toward my monthly scan count?

 Q. What is the exchange date when exchanging Virtual Cards?

 Q. Can I change the expiration date?

 Q. Can I change the access limit?

 Q. If the expiration period of the URL or the access count is exceeded, will the URL become invalid?

 Q. Is a Virtual Card one-sided or can I send both sides?

 Q. Can a non-user of Sansan send a double-sided business card image?

 Q. Can I attach tags at the time of receiving Virtual Cards?

 Q. How can I know which contacts are from Virtual Cards?

 Q. How do I edit the content on a Virtual Card?

 Q. If I change the information on my Virtual Card, can I use the same URL I was using before that change?

 Q. Is Virtual Card exchange only available in Japanese?

 Q. Why doesn't the card I want to use appear in the list of candidate cards?

 Q. How do I set up multiple Virtual Cards?


For system administrators

 Q. Can the system administrator set the URL expiration and access count?

 Q. Can I set up a Virtual Card for each user?

 Q. Is it possible to restrict individual use of Virtual Cards?

 Q. If I delete a user, what happens to their Virtual Card?

 Q. Can I check the usage rate of Virtual Cards?

 Q. Is the Virtual Card log output to the usage log?

 Q. Are cards registered through Virtual Card exchange subject to risk intelligence?

 Q. Can I check which users have set their Virtual Card?


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