Editing Information on a Virtual Card

You can easily edit the information on your Virtual Card. Here's how.
*Note that edits to the card in your contacts will not be reflected in your Virtual Card.


For the Web App

1. Click Username then Virtual Card.


2. Click Change.


3. Click the image of the card you want to edit (needs to have been scanned in advance).


4. Click the Card Information icon.


5. Click Edit and enter the corrections.


6. Click on the Save button.


7. Close the details window and again click Change.


8. Select the edited card and click the Save button.
*Even if the relevant card is already selected, the correction will be reflected in the Virtual Card by again clicking the Save button.


For the Mobile App

1. Tap on your Virtual Card at the top of the home screen.

2. Tap Change card.

3. Tap the card you want to edit, then Edit info.

4. Enter your changes and tap Save.

5. Tap Set as Virtual Card.

6. Tap OK.


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