What contact info will be linked to Outlook

When we sync your Sansan contacts to Outlook, we create a folder called 'Sansan' to Outlook and save contacts in that folder.All of your contact data will be added.


  • When you add, edit or delete a contact in Sansan, it's reflected to Outlook too.


*Even if you disconnect Microsoft 365, your contacts already synced will not be deleted.


How your contacts will be synced to Outlook

Sansan Outlook
Company Company
Department Department
Position Job title
First name,Last Name Full Name
Last Name (Phonetic) Yomi last name
First Name (Phonetic) Yomi first name
Phone Business phone
Phone2 Business phone 2
Mobile Mobile phone number
Fax Fax
Email Email address
Website Business web page
Address (Country, Postal Code, Prefecture, City, Street, Building) Business address (Country, Postal Code, State/Province, City, Street)
-- Personal Notes


"*1 We'll add a link for the card info in Sansan to personal notes in Outlook. When the card info is updated, a new link will be added. "

*Notes created in Sansan will not be reflected to Outlook.

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