Organization tree explained

How to use it

  1. Narrowing down
    Search by department, card holder, last activity date, etc.
  2. Person with whom cards/contacts were exchanged
    Check “Holder Information" in the search criteria and the number of contacts will be shown for each colleague. See About activity numbers for details.
  3. Not a contact
    Diamond Corporate Data Services information and public profile information are shown.
  4. Download, print
    The tree can be downloaded or printed.
    *Permissions are required for downloading. Please ask your system administrator.



The following cannot be performed for a company with no activity.

  • Searches of organization tree
  • Download of organization tree



Q. The total number of contacts on the organization tree is different from that of the company. Why is this?

A. When new cards are scanned in or contact's data is updated on Sansan, there is a time lag for the changes to be reflected on organization trees.


Q. What if the department hierarchy is more subdivided than necessary?

A. Spaces in department names are recognized as delimiters and shown in separate levels/hierarchies. Remove spaces in department names as necessary.


Q. There are multiple cases of the same department in the organization tree? Why is this?

A. If contacts from the same department have cards with different forms of department names, e.g. word order or spacing are not the same, the system automatically creates two separate departments. You need to unify the department name in order to fix this.

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