Smart Forms: Form Linkage Settings (Step 1 of 3)

In Step 1, select your company's forms that you want to link to Sansan.



1.Select the forms to be linked

Select your company’s forms for linking to Sansan.
The following is an example form.


2. Check if the form in 1 can be linked

Forms must satisfy the following conditions 1–5 to be linked.
Check with your company's form admin if necessary.


Usage notes:
① The source code of the screen containing the form must be editable.
② Forms must be located in a site using HTTPS.
③ Form must be implemented using <form> tags.
④ <form> tags must not be contained within <iframe>.
⑤ The submit button is type="submit" (not permitted if using JavaScript).


3. Note the necessary information

Once you've decided which forms to link, note the following information in a text editor on your PC. This information is required for Step 2 onward.


① Form name

This is the name of the form to be linked. If there's no specific name, please give it one.


② Form URL

This is the URL of the form screen to be linked.


③ Linked items

These are the names of each item to link; you can omit ones that don't need to be imported into Sansan. If the data format (input type) is checkboxes or radio buttons, some of the following settings will differ. Note any items that have been set up in either format.


4. Finished (go to Step 2)

When the above 3 is confirmed, Step 1 is finished.
Continue on to Step 2.

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