I cannot scan business cards because there is not enough available memory on the disk

After you tap "Start scan" on the tablet PC, one of the following messages may come up. Here we will show how to handle this.

  • Not enough available memory on disk.
  • As there is not enough available space on the disk, this process cannot be done.
  • There is not enough available memory on the disk.


How to handle this:

(A) If you have your own security software installed on the tablet PC:

The log file may have saved a large amount on the C drive. Erase unnecessary files, and then try doing the regular scanning process again.


(B) If you were using a device with Windows 8.1 as the OS, and you upgraded to Windows 10:

  1. Exit the Scanner app. Tap on "Power" at the upper right of the screen, and then on "Exit Application".
  2. Tap the folder icon in the task tray.
  3. Tap on "PC", then on "OS(C:)".
  4. Delete "$WINDOWS.~BT" and "Windows.old". Hold down your finger on the folder, then take your finger off it. When the right click menu is displayed, tap on "Delete". When a confirmation message comes up, tap on either "Yes" or on "Execute". If it changes to a "Reattempt" button and will not let you go forward, tap on either "Skip" or "Cancel" to stop the procedure.
  5. Check to see if the memory available on OS(C:) has increased.
  6. Tap on the Windows icon, and then reboot the tablet PC.
  7. When the Scanner app starts up, check if you can scan business cards. If you still cannot scan correctly, or if the message saying there is not enough available memory on the disk continues to come up, please contact us through Contact form.


(C) If neither A nor B apply to your situation:

Please contact us through Contact form.

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