FAQ about Windows update support emails

The following are common questions about Windows update emails sent to system admins with the subject line.

Subject:[Important] Please update your Sansan Scanner


Q: Why did I receive an email even though I already did this update?

A: There are three possibilities for this:
1. The updated device's scanner app ID is different from the ID in the email.

See this article for how to check the ID. Then be sure it matches the ID in the email.


2. We couldn't detect the update.

If you haven't started the scanner app after the update, the version may not be detected correctly, so an email was sent.
Make sure the tablet is on, the scanner app is running, and the device is connected to the Internet.
If you're still not sure, reboot the tablet and the scanner app will start automatically.


3. The timing of the update was unclear.

If the scanner app ID matches and the scanner app is running, you may not get a clear message about updating.
If you've updated in line with the above 1 and 2, there should be no need to do anything further. See this article for more info.



Q: How can I find the device number (TabletXXXXX)?

A: See this article.
Devices with matching scanner app IDs will need to be updated.



Q: How can I stop receiving these emails?

A: These emails are sent to users with Sansan admin privileges and contain important notices.
Unfortunately, you can't unsubscribe from them, but you can change the admin privileges.
See this article for how to do that.



Q: By when do I have to do this?

A: Windows 10 support will end on October 14, 2025. Nearing the end of the support period, there may be increased demand for replacement devices. So, please contact us as soon as possible if you'd like a replacement instead of an update.



Q: The scanner location in the email is wrong. How can I change it?

A: The email refers to the information you registered with us.
See this article for how to change it.



Q: What if the number of scanners in the email is different from the number we're using?

A: These emails refer to the information we have available.
Newer devices, or those turned off, may not be detected and included.
Even if the number differs, be sure to update all your devices to the latest OS version.



Q: How can I check the OS versions for scanners at different sites to make sure they're updated?

A: Unfortunately, there's no function to check the OS versions of all your devices at a glance.
Please verify these with colleagues at each location.

You can also register the scanner app ID's location on the Sansan screen, which helps you manage your devices. See this article for how to do that.


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