Smartphone app FAQs



 Q. The smartphone app is acting strange. (Check this first).

 Q. The display still says "Data being input". What should I do?

 Q. I cannot find the card I scanned. What should I do?

Q. I get the message "This business card has been deleted, or you do not have clearance to view it". What should I do?

 Q. I can only see business cards that do not have dates received input for them. What should I do?

 Q. The number of cards displayed on the Smartphone app and the number displayed on the PC are different. Why is that?

 Q. When I try to view the map, I get the message "Maps cannot be viewed when offline". What should I do?

 Q. I cannot access my email software in on my iPhone from Sansan. What should I do?

Q. When I open the app, the screen goes all white. What should I do?

 Q. I got the error message "The domain you are using already has a paid contract on it." What should I do?


Log-in / Passwords

 Q. "You do not have permission to use the smartphone app" appears. What should I do?

 Q. "Either you email address or password is incorrect" appears. What should I do?


Operation environment

Q. What kind of terminals can I used it from?


I would like to use the Smartphone app

 Q. How can I download the Smartphone app?

 Q. Are there any extra fees for using the Smartphone app?

Q. Can I do deal management from the Smartphone app?

 Q. Can I do searches by tags from the Smartphone application?

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