Beginner's guide to Sansan (Web App)

To start enjoying the perks of Sansan, there are three main functions you should get familiarized with.


1. Utilize card data and manage contacts

Email your contacts from Sansan

You can email contacts directly from the Sansan platform. Simply specify which one of your email addresses you wish to send emails from, and you're ready to reach out.

Learn more about email settings.


Advanced search

Advanced search can lead to finding unexpected connections with contacts on Sansan database. Use search filters such as company or position to narrow your search results.

Learn more about advanced search.


Tracking contacts' job changes

People are changing jobs and positions more than ever before, which means the business cards you personally received may be out of date. On Sansan, if your colleague receives the newer card and scans it in, all cards belonging to this contact will be combined into the same profile. It sure feels good to be up to date!

Learn more about 'Recognize As Same Person'


2. Integration with Salesforce & other platforms

Inputting and updating customer data on SFA and CRM such as Salesforce is tedious and time-consuming. Sansan has teamed up with Salesforce to solve this dilemma so that any updates made on Sansan will be reflected in Salesforce straight away. You can also connect with other management platforms by using APIs.

Learn more about Salesforce integration.


3. Send bulk emails

Generate new sales opportunities by sending informative messages and event invitations to your target contacts, using the tag function which makes it easy to create complete mailing lists.

Learn more about bulk emailing.

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