Risk Intelligence powered by KYCC



To set up or to disable this feature, you need to be a system administrator.
To start using CEO Screening, a risk check manager must be assigned by the system administrator.
See 3. for more details on risk check managers.


How it works

  • KYCC Consulting detects companies at risk by comparing the name of the person on the digitized business card with KYCC’s risk data.
  • If the person with whom a card is exchanged belongs to a company assessed as being a risk, all users who own the same card will be notified, enabling prompt detection of risk.
  • All cards added by all users within Sansan are subject to risk assessment. The designated risk check manager can perform this assessment.
  • Click here to see cards eligible for risk assessment.




Initial setup

1. Confirm setup

Once this option is available to your company, a guidance email will be sent to your company's Sansan administrator.

Administrators can also access the Setup page from the top-right menu via ① "Admin settings", and then ② "Sansan Plus". Click on the ③ "Connect" button next to Risk Intelligence powered by KYCC to start the setup.

If you're already using Risk Intelligence powered by LSEG, the settings will also be reflected in Risk Intelligence powered by KYCC.


2. Start the initial setup

Be sure to carefully read the terms and conditions before connecting.


3. Confirm use of risk search

Activate the risk search function to do a risk search related to a specific person.
*Risk Intelligence powered by LSEG needs to be activated search for risks regarding a specific company.

*There is a limit to the number of free risk search, so please check here before activating it.


4. Select a risk check manager

Select a user who will be responsible for risk management in transactions between companies within your company as a risk check manager.

*Make sure to the check access permissions of the user you want to select as a risk check manager.
Selecting a user with access limits may prevent them from assessing risks, as some contacts are not displayed to them.


5. Complete the setup, start use

Click on the "Done" button from "3" on the screen to go to completion page.
Click on ① "Start!"

The feature is ready to be used by all users, including the appointed risk check managers.

Click on ② "Save settings without starting".

Settings are saved and Setup is completed. Only settings are saved, and all users including the appointed risk check managers will not be able to use it yet.

If you saved settings without starting, you can always come back to setup screen to start the connection via the Sansan Plus settings and then clicking on ① Set up" button.


Edit connection settings, disconnect

1. Edit connection settings

You can change the connection settings via the Sansan Plus settings and then clicking on the ① "Edit settings" button.


2. Disconnect

You can disconnect via the Sansan Plus settings and then clicking on the ② "Disconnect" button.

*Disconnecting will hide all the relevant information that is shown on Sansan company pages. You can display the information again by reconnecting.



Q: Are manually entered or imported cards assessed?

A: No, they aren't. Only cards that are part of your monthly usage quota, as described on this help page, will be subject to screening.


Related information

Access permissions here
More about risk check managers here


Terms of use_Risk Intelligence powered by KYCC.pdf


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