Contacts working in more than one company

If Sansan detects that different cards (such as from different companies) with the same name actually belong to the same contact, only the most recently added one will be displayed in the search results. Others will be treated as that contact's previous cards. Setting the cards as separate contacts will enable them to show in the search.



  • A person's previous cards do not appear in the search results, so the older cards associated with a person need to be viewed in the contact's details. The second image on this page shows how to view these cards.
  • Even after separating the cards from a single contact, cards for this same person that are later registered in Sansan may still be automatically associated with the original contact. Those will again need to be separated out.
  • If assigning cards to another/separate contact, the person's details screen will be in the contact's original location.



Assigning a card to another/separate person

Cancel the recognized association of the card. This separates it from the associated contact. See here for how to do this.

We then recommend manually copying the URL of the contact from the details screen (see number 5 here) into the memo section for the other contact. This will let you find the associated card.


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